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Are you ready to take your startup idea to the next level?
Look no further than our startup studio! Our team of experienced professionals will help you develop, refine, and launch your startup with speed and efficiency.

We specialize in providing custom solutions for every type of startup, from idea creation to market launch. From UI/UX design to branding and business plans, we provide a one-stop solution to get your business off the ground!

With our startup studio, you can focus on creating, innovating, and executing your ideas to build the future!

Dmitrii Lunin, MBA
Dmitrii Lunin
CEO & Founder of «SEO Expert OÜ», MBA, JD, VC - analyst. 20 years of experience in Web2 and Web3 development and promotion.

One partner, one point of contact, a full suite of services:

Web2 & Web3 applications

We specialize in providing custom solutions for every type of Web2 of Web3 projects and applications, from development to promotion. Whether you need UI/UX design, branding or SEO optimization, we have the tools and expertise to help your business succeed. With our help, you can focus on creating, innovating, and executing your ideas while we take care of the rest!

Let us help you create the best web-site and application experience today.

Business intelligence

Having 20+ years of experience in business intelligence and automation, providing you with the tools and expertise to make the most out of your data. From data analysis to predictive modeling, our custom solutions allow you to make more informed decisions for your business. We’ll find out the right startup market fit and develop an efficient unit economy for your business.

Let us help you unlock the power of your data with smarter business intelligence and automation!

Promotion and community building

At SEO Expert OÜ, we specialize in guerrilla marketing, internet promotion, and community building to help you maximize your reach and expand your business. Our customized solutions provide the tools and expertise to create an effective strategy for building relationships with customers, advancing brand awareness, and driving revenue.

Unlock the full potential of your business with our tailored solutions today!

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Every business faces new challenges every day, and our company is here to help. Our specialists are on hand to provide you with invaluable assistance, taking an in-depth look at your tasks and offering several solutions with all the pros and cons considered. We have already been working with companies from Germany, Canada, France, Israel, China, and Estonia. Our clients’ positive feedback speaks best of our business credibility.

You are always welcome to know more about all the details of our work, get all the answers concerning our service, or just to talk about your business and plans. Just contact us and let us begin!
Shegby is a Web3 Concierge service and a DAO of Locals worldwide who earn addressing Travellers’ issues. Made in Estonia.

From business intelligence to getting started to a pre-seed investment round, the project was acquired with the transfer of all IP to the new owner. It was completely redesigned for Web3 and a mobile application was developed. A strategy has been developed and work has begun to attract the users and members of the DAO (locals). The project is essentially a Web3 P2P-marketplace.

SEO audit for the Paprika OÜ
Created: 10 September 2021
Country: Estonia
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Paprika OÜ - marketing school in Estonia, Tallinn

Fiskars B2B project
B2B project development
Created: 01 September 2021
Country: Finland
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Fiskars Group (also known as Fiskars Oyj Abp or Fiskars Corporation, and until 1998 as Fiskars Oy Ab) is a Finnish group company.

PRINDI.ME printing house
Created: 10 September 2020
Country: Estonia
Go to the website OÜ printing house is a team of competent experts. Our company provides project management services related to the manufacture, storage, logistics and installation of promotional products. provide services such as installation of advertising banners, signboards and billboards, light boxes, light letters and self-adhesive film.

Šerle Õigusteenused OÜ
Šerle Õigusteenused OÜ
7 August 2020
Country: Estonia
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Šerle Law Office provides legal assistance in Estonia. The main activities of our Law Office are family, contract and corporate law as well as legal services in the field of financial technology. Our Lawyers have many years of experience and are qualified to provide legal assistance in most cases.

NFT-fishing project
Created: 14 September 2021
Country: Estonia
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Take a look at this RARE fish was caught recently. Chance is 1/10000, purchasing by 0.01ETH you can catch and sell the NFT-fish by x10 or even 1.0 ETH each! Our algorithms built with random for size and length of each fish, the chance to catch rare one is 1/10000 !!!

1. Web2 and Web3 consulting

Never do a job without conducting a preliminary study of the current situation and the desired goal that you are striving for. An important (and free of charge for our clients) stage of a work is preparation.

The next stage — a detailed study and recommendations (paid stage) implies that you receive a clear plan of the required work to achieve the desired goals of the client (with a detailed calculation of the cost of these works).

The cost of the deep research starts from 1100 euros/week.

2. Web2 and Web3 building

Web3 provides many advantages, such as the ability to cold start a project. But even if you have a Web2 project, we will build it from scratch following the principles of 4E (see below). You can be sure of the result of our work, as we do not take on projects that we cannot do and will inform you of this during the research stage.

We offer ongoing assistance for the services we’ve created and instruct our customers so that our help is minimized.

The cost of our work starts at 100 euros per hour for any of our specialists, and we work with the SLA.

3. Web2 and Web3 promotion

Web2 requires a typical promotion (usually around 80 channels) including PPC, SEO, guerrilla, etc., based on our 20+ years of experience.

Web3 promotion is all about building communities. We have experience in building sustainable (and often self-replenishing) communities on Twitter, Discord, Telegram, etc. We know how to attract, onboard, retain, and motivate community members with minimal costs. We also know how to build a DAO, as well as develop Tokenomics, Whitelists, and other necessary parts of any Web3 project.

The work is carried out at a cost of 150 euros per hour per expert. Total costs always depend on your requirements and the essence of your project. Contact us for details!

Consulting at no cost!

Are you looking for expert advice without any cost or commitment? Our free consultations are the perfect solution! We thoroughly assess your needs and tasks to ensure that our proposed solutions meet your expectations. In return, we ask you to provide feedback on our proposed solutions to your problems.

Contact us today to get started on your journey towards success!

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Economics, efficiency, efficacy and ethic (the 4 E) represent the framework of the well-functioning of a process! [1]
1st. Economy

We save your funds and reach the result by optimal means, avoiding all the unnecessary expenses.

2nd. Efficiency

It is you, who set KPI’s for us. And when we report about our effectiveness we only account for the indicators established.

3rd. Efficacy

We are only who result oriented not for us but for you! That’s why we work with SLA (Service Level Agreement).

4th. Ethics

You can expect complete transparency in our relations. We provide daily reports, our suggestions (always with Pro and Cons).

by Alexandru TRIFU and Loredana TEREC-VLAD. ECOFORUM, Volume 2, Issue 1(2), 2013

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